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  • Ice rink design & construction assistance.
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  • Ice arena feasibility studies
    business plans.
  • Ice arena specific equipment procurement, design, operational & architectural assistance.

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Ice Rink Solutions
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Welcome To Ice Rink Solutions

Ice Rink Solutions is an ice rink consultancy helping owners, architects, and contractors through every aspect of planning, designing, and building an ice skating facility.

Principal Consultant

Bob Bebber has been involved in the construction of many new ice-skating facilities and managed both public and private arenas over the past 40 years. Each of the five ice skating arenas that Bob has managed has been a financial success. Most recently he has served as the General Manager of the Ice Centre at the Promenade, a $14 million, state of the art, three ice-surface facility located in Westminster, Colorado. His involvement in the design, construction, program development and the ongoing management of this nationally recognized facility is indicative of his knowledge in the ice arena industry. He has also written articles for Edge Magazine and served as a featured speaker at the annual Ice Skating Institute Conferences and taught classes for STAR (Serving The American Rinks).